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Gig workers Freelancers Contractors Creators

Gig workers Freelancers Contractors Creators

Access your earned money in an instant, and unlock the financial world with cash advance and tax help.

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Radwan improves hiscash flow

Alex avoids high interest loans

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Payday has come early. Get free and instant access to your money, as and when you need it.

Workers get paid in millisecond after their shift

Get regular income top-up with no interest or late fees.​

 If your wage packet is looking lighter than usual, then don’t fret – we’ve got your back. Top-ups will cover you and bring your income back to usual. So, if you work fewer hours or take time off, you can rest at ease knowing that you’re protected.

Stay on top of your taxes and save more

 We know that tackling your tax return can be a bit of a slog, which is why Puulse automatically takes care of it for you. We’ll help you with the whole process (sticking to the rules, of course) and submit your data in a way that makes sense to you. No fiddly calculations. MTD for Income Tax. We’ve got you.

Plug and Pay

 The instant pay revolution is here. Puulse brings on-demand pay that easily integrates with payroll and workforce management platforms for new revenue streams, less complexity, and happy customers. Learn how Puulse works with

Designed for every business


 Provides technology and funding at no cost to your company.


 Works alongside existing payroll/HRIS and time tracking systems.

Secure & Compliant

 Meets the highest security standarts and is compliant with wage and hour laws in Europe.